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Date of Birth PullDownv2.2Other27 Apr 2014
Who's Online Enhancementv2.2Features10 Dec 2013
utf-8 for all by Webschiff (easy) v2.2Other28 Feb 2011
tinymce for all osC Pagesv3.0 Alpha 5Features8 Dec 2010
Fix backup download error (by Webschiff) for v3.0Alpha5 v3.0 Alpha 5Other14 Oct 2010
Email senderror by first or second v3.0 Alpha 5Other7 Sep 2010
Store Offlinev3.0 Alpha 5Other16 Aug 2010
Full Fixes 3 Alpha 5 (full) v2.2Other17 Jul 2010
Rechnungslayout ├╝ber Admin + Texteingabe in Rechnungv2.2Features8 Jun 2009
Add a Printable Catalogv2.2Features23 May 2009
AddTablePrefixedMS2.2.rc1 v2.2Features23 Sep 2007
Bonus Punkte + Gutschein Modulv2.2Credit Modules28 May 2006
Add Items, Cost & Weight details to status barv2.2Features23 Mar 2006
Store statisticsv2.2Features24 Nov 2005
STATSactivev2.1Reports8 Nov 2005
Keyword Show with Admin v1.0v2.2Reports27 Oct 2005
Default image in products and categories 1.0v2.2Features18 Oct 2005