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Kevin L. Shelton

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Events Scheduler 3.0 v2.3InfoBoxes16 Jul 2017
Advanced Address Management for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Features26 May 2017
UPSXML version 1.5 for osCommerce 2.3.x v2.3Shipping Modules15 Apr 2017
Protected Images for osCommerce 2.3.4 v2.3Images30 Dec 2016
Enhanced Categories Box v2.3InfoBoxes15 Jan 2016
USPS with Dimensions Support v6.5 for osCommerce 2.3.4 v2.3Content Modules12 Sep 2015
Multi-Product Copy for osCommerce 2.3.4 v2.3Other1 Aug 2015
Price Adjusting Utility for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Other26 Jul 2015
Event Listing for osCommerce 2.3.4 v2.3Content Modules24 Jul 2015
Online Ad Tracker v2.3Features11 Jul 2015
UPS XML Rates and Services v1.0v2.2Shipping Modules4 Jul 2015
checkout payment fix v2.2Payment Modules20 Jun 2015
Bundled Productsv2.2Features12 May 2015
Wishlist v2.3Features10 May 2015
Encrypted Credit Card with CVV2 v2.3Payment Modules26 Apr 2015
Multiple Sales Per Product for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Features19 Apr 2015
Display SQL Queries v2.3Other9 Apr 2015
Common Product Notes for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Features8 Apr 2015
Hide Categories with category cache v2.3Features2 Apr 2015
Configuration Cache for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Features2 Apr 2015
Product Delete Delay v2.3Features3 Feb 2015
Extra Product Fields for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Features30 Nov 2014
Extra Product Fields 1.0 v2.2Features7 Nov 2014
USPS Methodsv2.2Shipping Modules28 Oct 2014
Dynamic SiteMap for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Features8 Oct 2014
Newslettter Products for osCommerce 2.3.x v2.3Features30 Aug 2014
My Account Info Box for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3InfoBoxes24 Aug 2014
Inactive Userv2.2Reports23 Aug 2014
Will Call With Credit Card v2.3Payment Modules21 Aug 2014
Protected Images for osCommerce 2.3.3 v2.3Images15 May 2014
Only "this_many" availablev2.2Features26 Oct 2013
Ask a Product Question 1.0 for 2.3v2.3Other29 Sep 2013
Display Both Products & Categories v2.3Features4 Aug 2013
Force Preferred Domain Access v2.3Features26 Jul 2013
Main Categories as Thumbnails on Index Page for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Features27 Jun 2013
Anti-Spam for RC2A Tell A Friend v2.2Features15 Mar 2013
Extra Anti-Spam for osCommerce 2.3 Tell A Friend v2.3Features14 Mar 2013
update osCommerce 2.3.x to use mysqli v2.3Features20 Feb 2013
MSRP for osCommerce 2.3.3 v2.3Features13 Oct 2012
SSL Infoboxv2.2InfoBoxes13 Sep 2012
Product Extra Fieldsv2.2Features15 Aug 2012
Credit Card with CVV2v2.2Payment Modules16 Oct 2011
Dynamic SiteMap V 1.0v2.2Features22 Sep 2011
Google Product Feed utility v2.2Other18 Aug 2011
Events Schedulerv2.2InfoBoxes4 Aug 2011
Protect Images with Unlimited Images Per Product v2.2Images27 May 2011
Multi-Product Copy Utility v2.2Features23 Apr 2011
Price Adjusting Utility v2.2Features20 Apr 2011
FAQDeskv2.2Features19 Mar 2011
Category Box Enhancementv2.2InfoBoxes16 Mar 2011
Multiple Sales Per Product v2.2Features3 Mar 2011
Disguise Product Quantity Exceeding Limit v2.2Features2 Mar 2011
Common Product Notes v2.2Features19 Aug 2010
Default Product Tax Class v2.2Other11 Aug 2010
Allow Customer To Select Product Listing Size v2.2Features30 Mar 2010
Edit any customer address in administration v2.2Features17 Mar 2010
Activate or inactivate category of catalogv2.2Features29 Jan 2010
My Account Info Box v2.2InfoBoxes11 Dec 2009
Remove Product From Cart Buttonv2.2Features7 Oct 2009
Main Categories as Thumbnails on Index Pagev2.2Features3 Sep 2009
Newsletter Productsv2.2Features6 Aug 2009
Display MSRP & Savings v2.2Features20 Jun 2009
World Zonesv2.2Zones17 Jun 2009
auto state dropdowns depending on country v2.2Features17 Apr 2009
Display Products AND Categories v2.2Features10 Jan 2009
Manufacturer Image Fix v2.2Other4 Oct 2008
Ask a question MS2v2.2Features1 Oct 2008
Clean unneeded credit card numbers v2.2Features24 Sep 2008
Specials Administration fixv2.2Other30 May 2008
Special Expire Date In Product Pagev2.2Credit Modules26 Apr 2008
robots.txt Sample Filev2.2Features6 Mar 2008
Prevent illegal or problematic file name characters from uploading v2.2Other14 Sep 2007
Will Call With Credit Card v2.2Payment Modules8 Sep 2007
Will Call With Credit Card v2.2Credit Modules8 Sep 2007
Image Validation v2.2Images21 Jun 2007
fix emails bounced due to return path v2.2Other22 Mar 2007
Specials Expiration Fix v2.2Features3 Nov 2006
Administration Categories Enhancement v2.2Features10 Sep 2005
Admin SSL error fix v2.2Features26 Aug 2005