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UPS XML Rates and Services v1.0v2.2Shipping Modules14 Jan 2012
Credit Class & Gift Voucherv2.2Credit Modules31 Dec 2011
Autologonv2.2Features30 Aug 2010
Innovative Gateway Solutions v2.2Payment Modules12 Jul 2010
BAXGlobal Shipping Modulev2.2Shipping Modules4 May 2010
Feedmachinev2.2Features21 Nov 2009
PDF data_sheet maker 1.1v2.2Features9 Aug 2009
REQUEST FOR QUOTE: Freight and International Shipping Quote Modulesv2.2Shipping Modules20 Nov 2007
Verisign PayFlowLinkv2.2Payment Modules4 Jun 2006
Multi Vendor Shippingv2.2Shipping Modules29 Mar 2006
Add Weight To Product Attributes v0.1v2.2Shipping Modules17 Feb 2006
Packaging data for UPS XMLv2.2Shipping Modules15 Aug 2005