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Erich Paeper

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Catalog products PDF reportsv2.2Reports10 Dec 2016
Separate Pricing Per Customerv2.2Features5 Oct 2015
Recover Cart Sales for OSC 2.3.1v2.3Other17 Dec 2014
Product Availability Options for 2.3.1 v2.3Features9 Aug 2014
Price Sensitive Discountv2.2Credit Modules24 Jun 2013
Product Extra Fieldsv2.2Features15 Aug 2012
Sendestatus by Anjav2.2Features6 Aug 2012
User Tracking with Admin Area v.1.40.2 for OSC 2.3.1 v2.3Features3 Jul 2012
Make An Offer for OSC 2.31 v2.3Features1 Jul 2012
Product Availability Options v1.0v2.2Features8 Jun 2012
Credit Class & Gift Voucherv2.2Credit Modules31 Dec 2011
Order confirmation email text - Bestellbest├Ątigung EMail Textv2.2Other27 Oct 2010
Product Sortv2.2Features3 Aug 2010
Add Many Quickies 1.00 v2.2Features28 Jul 2010
Quick Price Updatesv2.2Features4 Jan 2010
Rechnungslayout ├╝ber Admin + Texteingabe in Rechnungv2.2Features8 Jun 2009
Free Giftsv2.2Features1 Dec 2008
Header Tags Controllerv2.2Features9 Apr 2008
Happy Hours Specials Basic v2.2Features5 Feb 2008
PDF Price list 1.0 v2.2Features2 Mar 2007
SAFERPAY MODULE V1.0v2.2Payment Modules11 Dec 2006
Multispecials 1.0 sellout - bargain-sale - Residual item v2.2Features27 Aug 2006
Grundpreis - Base pricev2.2Features6 Aug 2006
Great categories with different colors 1.0 v2.2InfoBoxes19 Jul 2006
Optimize tep_get_tax_rate() method for SPPC v2.2Other14 Jun 2006
Quantity in shopping cart v2.2Features29 May 2006
NewsletterCustomers 2 CSV (phpMyAdmin Version)v2.2Other1 May 2006
Change Display Page Links 1.00 v2.2Features28 Jan 2006
Happy Hours Specials for SPPC v2.2Features6 Nov 2005
Previous/Next for Product Sort and Hide products from groups v2.2Features1 Nov 2005
Now or never! - The price hammer box (dutch auction) v2.2Features17 Oct 2005
Moneyorder with more data v2.2Payment Modules22 Sep 2005
German install/oscommmerce.sql or MS3v2.2Features17 Sep 2005
Previous/Next for Product Sort v2.2Credit Modules15 Sep 2005
Flat shipping rates for three zones with different free Shipping For Orders v2.2Shipping Modules21 Aug 2005
Price alarm 0.3 v2.2InfoBoxes12 Aug 2005