Community Add-Ons

Scott Olson

My Uploads ..

Google Base / Froogle Data Feeder v1.00v2.2Other9 May 2016
USPS Methodsv2.2Shipping Modules28 Oct 2014
Who's Online Enhancementv2.2Features10 Dec 2013
Supertracker v3.1av2.2Reports27 Aug 2012
Product Attributes Sort Order v1.0v2.2Features4 Jul 2012
X-Sell v2-MS2 - Cross Sell for MS2v2.2Features21 Mar 2011
Copy Categoryv2.2Features2 Nov 2010
osCommerce PayPal IPN Module v1.0 For 2.2MS2v2.2Payment Modules16 Jun 2010
Lagerbestands├╝bersicht Stock Overviewv2.2Reports6 Jun 2010
Featured Productsv2.2InfoBoxes22 Mar 2010
Customer Testimonials 3v2.2Features22 Nov 2009
Advanced Search Infobox v1.00v2.2InfoBoxes3 Nov 2009
PDF data_sheet maker 1.1v2.2Features9 Aug 2009
USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Shipping v2.2Shipping Modules9 Feb 2009
PayPal - Solution to Customer Not Returning to Sitev2.2Payment Modules28 Jan 2009
Payment Method Reportv2.2Reports28 Jan 2009
Store Mode (Open | Closed | Maintenance) v2.2Features16 Jan 2009
Display Products AND Categoriesv2.2Features10 Jan 2009
Admin Dashboard Stats 1.0v2.2Other31 Dec 2008
Image tooltipv2.2Images27 Dec 2008
Manufacturers Dropdown Anywhere v2.2Other20 Dec 2008
Simple Categories Menu v2.2Other18 Dec 2008
Ajax Domain Search v2.2Other18 Dec 2008
osC reCaptcha v2.2Other18 Dec 2008
Live Support phpOnline v2.2InfoBoxes18 Dec 2008
Package Tracking Plus v2.2Shipping Modules24 Nov 2008
Automatic Customer Stock Update Notificationv2.2Features18 Nov 2008
Quick stock update from the product listing pagev2.2Other18 Nov 2008
USPS Shipping Insurance v2.2Order Total Modules17 Nov 2008
PWA Checkout Cart Info v2.2Other10 Nov 2008
Category Descriptions MS2 1.4v2.2Features30 Oct 2008
Authorize.Net Infobox v2.2InfoBoxes30 Oct 2008
RapidSSL Infobox v2.2InfoBoxes30 Oct 2008
Remove Credit Card Numbersv2.2Features15 Jul 2008
Contact-us Pop up Business Cardv2.2Features15 Jul 2008
Wordpress Integrationv2.2Features15 May 2008
Request a Reviewv2.2Other12 Apr 2008
SSL Disappear/Appear v2.2Other29 Feb 2008
Credit Card Number Encryptionv2.2Credit Modules11 Feb 2008
Sales Report 2v2.2Reports16 Jan 2008
Account Agreement Checkboxv2.2Other16 Jun 2007
Paypal Verified Infobox 1.0v2.2InfoBoxes11 Feb 2007
Starsv2.2Images24 Dec 2006