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Shimon Pozin

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Order Editorv2.2Features11 Feb 2012
InternetSecure MerchantLink 1.0v2.2Payment Modules3 Nov 2010
Product sold per Month/Yearv2.2Reports14 Sep 2010
eShipper Integration Module for shipping with Canada Post, UPS, Fedex, Purolator, DHL and UPS v2.2Shipping Modules20 Aug 2010
Step-By-Step Manual Order Entryv2.2Features3 Jun 2010
Order and Customer info export to QuickBooks QBXML v2.2Features15 Sep 2009
Multi-Product Update v1.00v2.2Features14 Dec 2008
RMA Returns systemv2.2Other24 Jul 2008
Update Product Attributes (Options) v1.0 v2.2Features1 Jun 2008