Community Add-Ons

Simon Cranmer

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AJAX Attribute Managerv2.2Other25 Jul 2014
Who's Online Enhancementv2.2Features10 Dec 2013
Order Editorv2.2Features11 Feb 2012
Credit Class & Gift Voucherv2.2Credit Modules31 Dec 2011
QTpro v1.0 - Quantity Tracking Professionalv2.2Features7 Dec 2010
Copy Categoryv2.2Features2 Nov 2010
Visitor Web Statsv2.2Reports21 Mar 2009
Database Optimizerv2.2Features8 Nov 2007
Skip checkout_payment.php when goods value is ZERO v2.2Payment Modules11 Nov 2005
Optimize also_purchased_products modulev2.2Other14 Oct 2005
Popup with correct resize 2 v2.2Other12 Oct 2005
Popup with correct resize v2.2Other11 Oct 2005
Sort "Order Total Modules" in admin v2.2Order Total Modules6 Oct 2005
Vat free shipping on zero rated goods v2.2Order Total Modules30 Sep 2005