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Jan Zonjee
Jan Zonjee

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Separate Pricing Per Customerv2.2Features5 Oct 2015
UPS XML Rates and Services v1.0v2.2Shipping Modules4 Jul 2015
Database backup manager v2.2Other12 Apr 2012
Admin Specials by Categories for SPPC v2.2Features13 Jan 2012
Hide products from customer groups for SPPCv2.2Features25 May 2011
Quick Price Updates for SPPC v2.2Features4 Aug 2010
Quantity Price Breaks for Separate Pricing Per Customerv2.2Features13 May 2010
Product Listing in Columnsv2.2Features17 Dec 2009
2.2 MS2 KOREAN Language Supportv2.2Languages23 Nov 2009
Quantity Price Breaks Per Productv2.2Features22 Jul 2009
Rotatelog v3.0 Alpha 5Other13 Apr 2009
Upgrading osC from 2.2 Milestone 2 to 2.2 RC2a v2.2Other5 Apr 2009
Allow single digits for day and month in date of birth v2.2Other13 Dec 2008
Account create in adminv2.2Features19 Jul 2008
tep_show_category optimization v2.2Other7 Oct 2007
Optimize categories box v2.2InfoBoxes2 Sep 2007
tep_get_category_tree optimization v2.2Other11 Mar 2006
tep_get_path optimization v2.2Other24 Feb 2006