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Separate Pricing Per Customerv2.2Features5 Oct 2015
admin - copy, move and delete multiple productsv2.2Other22 Sep 2013
Price Sensitive Discountv2.2Credit Modules24 Jun 2013
Swiss Post Shippingv2.2Shipping Modules3 Apr 2013
New Customer Emails v1.0v2.2Features17 Jan 2012
Gift Ideas Modulev2.2Features15 Aug 2011
Quantity Price Breaks for Separate Pricing Per Customerv2.2Features13 May 2010
Administration Access Level Accounts 2.0v2.2Credit Modules15 Nov 2009
Infobox Adminv2.2InfoBoxes27 Jul 2009
Category Descriptions MS2 1.4v2.2Features30 Oct 2008
MS2 HTML WYSIWYG Editor, Product Desc, Email +v2.2Features23 Feb 2008
AJAX Quick Searchv2.2Features3 Oct 2007
Links Manager For OSC v0.20v2.2Features5 Jul 2007
News Scroller Box - NO JAVA/HTML Versionv2.2Features25 Jun 2007
Enhanced BestSeller box with adminv2.2InfoBoxes6 Mar 2007