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Loic Richard

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Mailchimp newsletter Everywhere v2.3Content Modules5 Mar 2017
Europe Confidentialities Cookie Law v2.3Features22 Feb 2017
Miinify Code v2.3Content Modules16 Jun 2016
Elfinder browser for Ckeditor v2.3Features26 Aug 2015
Easy Upload Module v2.3Features3 Feb 2015
Oscommerce to Odoo v2.3Other6 Nov 2014
French Hamon Law v2.3Features18 Mar 2014
Dynamic Template Systemv2.3Templates and Themes23 Feb 2014
Automatic Currency adjustment by continent v2.3Other1 Sep 2013
banner manager 2.3x v2.3Credit Modules27 Aug 2013
mapping_import v2.3Other24 Dec 2012
gallery_image_subdirectory v2.3Images5 Feb 2011
gallery_image_subdirectory v2.3Credit Modules28 Dec 2010
Step-By-Step Manual Order Entryv2.2Features3 Jun 2010
Flat Attribute v2.2Features25 Mar 2009
Header Tags Controller Multilanguage_v1.00 v2.2Features12 Mar 2006
Flash Discountv2.2Features3 Feb 2006