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Fernando Figueroa

My Uploads ..

Nivo Slider Content Module (Bootstrap) v2.3Content Modules1 Feb 2017
Country State Selector BS v2.3Content Modules25 Jan 2017
FAQDesk for v2.3v2.3Features8 Dec 2016
Ajax Attribute Price change v2.3Features2 Dec 2016
Limit Countries v2.3.4 v2.3Content Modules27 Nov 2016
NIF v2.3.4 - BS v2.3Content Modules1 Jun 2016
Simple Subdirectories Images v2.3Content Modules26 Mar 2016
automatic responses or comments to orders with admin v2.3Content Modules28 Dec 2015
OrderCheckv2.2Features27 Dec 2015
Display Prices with Tax by IP v2.3Content Modules20 Dec 2015
Modular Index v2.3Content Modules12 Oct 2015
Google Universal Analytics module OsC 2.2v2.2Features3 Dec 2014
NIFv2.2Features18 Dec 2013
NIF v2.3 v2.3Credit Modules18 Dec 2013
Ajax Attribute Price changev2.2Features4 Nov 2013
admin - copy, move and delete multiple productsv2.3Features22 Sep 2013
admin - copy, move and delete multiple productsv2.2Other22 Sep 2013
Unsold Carts Report 2.0v2.2Reports4 Sep 2010