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De Dokta
Dr. J. Bachmann

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Scroll boxesv2.3InfoBoxes14 Oct 2016
Latest News Rotator Multilingual 1.0 BS v2.3Content Modules20 May 2015
Purchase without account for 2.3.4 and BS2334 v2.3Content Modules8 Feb 2015
Cancelllation Form for 2.3.4 and BS2334 v2.3Features6 Feb 2015
Invoice Editor 1.0 v2.3Features28 Jan 2015
Modal Info Popup Layer - for Bootstrap only! v2.3Content Modules27 Jan 2015
Latest News Multilingual for 2.3.x and BS2334 v2.3Features29 Sep 2014
Customers delete Account v2.3Features6 Sep 2014
JQuery Info Popup Layer v2.3Features22 Dec 2013
Inselzuschlagv2.2Shipping Modules10 Dec 2013
PDF invoice & packing slip with message field and automatic editable invoice no v2.3Features24 Aug 2013
RLA für OSC 23x (Rechnung und Lieferschein per Admin)v2.3Features11 Aug 2013
column listing with jquery smart columnv2.3Credit Modules29 Jul 2013
960gs Grid System Templatev2.3Templates and Themes28 Jul 2013
Fehlertolerante Suchev2.1Features21 Jul 2013
Mouse over product imagesv2.3Images29 May 2013
Base Price 2.0 v2.3Features15 May 2013