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FedEx - Web Services v9v2.2Shipping Modules14 Apr 2014
FAQ Systemv2.2Features26 Dec 2013
Who's Online Enhancementv2.2Features10 Dec 2013
Order Editorv2.2Features11 Feb 2012
MoneyBookers IPNv2.2Payment Modules26 Apr 2011
Ship in Cart (MS2)v2.2Features5 Mar 2011
Admin Products Pagingv2.2Features2 Jun 2010
Margin Report v1.00v2.2Reports20 Apr 2010
2Checkout INS / IPN (Instant Notification System) for MS2.2 v2.2Payment Modules31 Jul 2009
Visitor Web Statsv2.2Reports21 Mar 2009
Time Zone Offset - Adjust to match your location v2.2Features30 Jun 2007
User Tracking with Admin 1.0v2.2Reports26 Jun 2007
Category Meta Tagsv2.2Features13 Apr 2007