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Discount Coupon Codesv2.2Order Total Modules22 Jan 2014
Admin Machine Auto Login v2.2Other18 Jan 2014
Packing Slip Page Custom Title v2.2Shipping Modules16 Jan 2014
Easy Populate & Products Attributesv2.2Features5 Nov 2013
admin - copy, move and delete multiple productsv2.2Other22 Sep 2013
Display Random Products v2.2Templates and Themes25 Jul 2013
Email For Quote for OSCv2.3.1 v2.3Features1 Jan 2013
Contact Us Confirmation Email v2.2Other7 Dec 2012
Create Account Admin Notice v2.2Other4 Dec 2012
Email for Quote v1.1 v2.2Features14 Sep 2012
member approvalv2.2Other12 Aug 2012
Member Approval 1.6 v2.3Other12 Aug 2012
Login Success Message v2.2Other17 May 2012
All Manufacturersv2.2Features7 Apr 2012
Admin Manufacturers by Letter v2.2Features18 Feb 2012
Show Manufacturer Website in Edit Box v2.2Other18 Feb 2012
Dynamic Image Resizev2.2Images12 Dec 2011
Valid OSC Generated Query Strings v2.2Other25 Jun 2011
Newsletter_Select_Recipients v2.2Features29 Nov 2010
Show Handling Fee Separately v2.2Shipping Modules13 Oct 2010
Auto SSL Links v2.2Templates and Themes28 Sep 2010
FCKEditor Newsletter HTMLv2.2Other24 Sep 2010
Offsite Contact Us Page v2.2Other13 Jul 2010
Show Unit Price v2.2Order Total Modules27 Nov 2009
Search Descriptions simple modv2.2Credit Modules13 Nov 2009
Allowed CC Types v2.2Payment Modules10 Nov 2009
Add Multiple Productsv2.2Features6 Jul 2009