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Rainer Schmied

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Optional Related Productsv2.3Credit Modules27 Mar 2015
Recently Viewed Products BS v2.3Content Modules27 Mar 2015
Store Hotline BS v2.3Content Modules7 Mar 2015
iOSC Mobile Version for OSC 2.3.3. v2.3Features2 Mar 2015
KissIT Image Thumbnailer BS v2.3Images10 Feb 2015
OPI: Another OsC Product Image Modulev2.3Features1 Feb 2015
Admin Index Modules for Osc2.2rc2a v2.2Reports27 Jan 2015
Contribution support 1.0 for iOSC 5.x v2.2Other17 Jan 2015
Sloppy Words Cleanerv2.2Other8 Dec 2014
Activation Codev2.2Other8 Dec 2014
Google Universal Analytics module OsC 2.2 v2.2Features3 Dec 2014
Activation Code login content module for osC 2.3.4 v2.3Content Modules26 Jun 2014
Separate Pricing per customer login content module for osC 2.3.4 v2.3Content Modules26 Jun 2014
Ship In Cart for OsC 2.3 v2.3Features21 Jun 2014
Google Universal Analytics ht-module OsC 2.3 v2.3Other13 Jun 2014
Supertracker 3.5 for OSC 2.3.1. v2.3Reports11 May 2014
Date of Birth PullDownv2.2Other27 Apr 2014
Super Download Store v2.3.xv2.3Other25 Dec 2013
Spanish full Language Pack for 2.3.3 in utf-8v2.3Languages26 Nov 2013
PayPal Express Checkout for Discount and Extra Fee Order Total Modules v2.3Payment Modules28 Jun 2013
iOSC3v2.2Features12 Jun 2013
Sitemap Generator incl. images v2.3Features20 Dec 2012
Display tax below price for OSC 2.3.1 v2.3Features1 Sep 2012
[TiM's osC Solutions] Display tax infov2.2Features1 Sep 2012
Supertracker v3.1av2.2Reports27 Aug 2012
Sendestatus by Anjav2.2Features6 Aug 2012
Detailed Item Invoice Fix for Paypal Standard v2.2Payment Modules13 Jul 2012
Detailed Item Invoice Fix for Paypal Standardv2.3Payment Modules13 Jul 2012
Google Product Search Feed (Feedmachine Configuration)v2.2Other4 Apr 2012
Sloppy Words Cleaner 1.5 for OSC 2.3 v2.3Other2 Dec 2011
Recently Viewed Products(sales optimized)v2.2Features23 Mar 2011
Quantity Box on Producy Info Pagev2.2Other23 Dec 2010