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Gergely Tóth

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Store Search (BS) v2.3Content Modules18 Jul 2015
Modal Cart (BS) v2.3Content Modules18 Jul 2015
Social bookmarks content on product info (BS) v2.3Content Modules23 Jun 2015
URL redirects v2.3Credit Modules11 Jun 2015
Supertracker 3.5 for OSC 2.3.1.v2.3Reports6 Jun 2015
Master Products for V2.3xv2.3Features27 Jan 2015
Extra Product Fields for osCommerce 2.3v2.3Features30 Nov 2014
Dynamic Template Systemv2.3Templates and Themes23 Feb 2014
Header Footer Content Modules v2.3Features10 Feb 2014
EasyPopulate 2.76i for v2.3.1v2.3Features18 Nov 2013
Modular SEO Header Tagsv2.3Other2 Nov 2013
960gs Grid System Template v2.3Templates and Themes28 Jul 2013
Upsell v2.3Features22 Mar 2013
Jquery UI Autocomplete search boxv2.3InfoBoxes20 Aug 2012
Google Plusv2.3Other13 Jan 2012
HTML tags v2.3Features13 Jan 2012
SCM v2.3Features14 Oct 2011
Specials Box Scroll v2.3InfoBoxes24 Sep 2011
customer Must Accept Terms and Conditions (MATC)v2.2Features28 Jun 2011
Admin Products Paging for V2.3x v2.3Features23 Jan 2011
Master Products - MS2v2.2Features5 Jan 2011
Online theme switcher v2.3Templates and Themes13 Dec 2010
Products Listing v3.0 Alpha 5Other21 Sep 2010
Visitor Web Stats for osc3v3.0 Alpha 5Reports11 Sep 2010
Shipping dependencies of Payments v3.0 Alpha 5Payment Modules4 Sep 2010
Products Monitor v3.0 Alpha 5Reports2 Sep 2010
Shipping Availability v3.0 Alpha 5Features30 Aug 2010
Customers X Handler v3.0 Alpha 5Other28 Aug 2010
Conditions and Policy Enhance v3.0 Alpha 5Other22 Aug 2010
Customer's notification v3.0 Alpha 5Other17 Aug 2010
Store Offlinev3.0 Alpha 5Other16 Aug 2010
Admin Products Pagingv2.2Features2 Jun 2010
Lightbox for osC3 v3.0 Alpha 5Images1 May 2010
Simple Content Managerv3.0 Alpha 5Other4 Feb 2010
osC3 Version Checker v3.0 Alpha 5Features6 Dec 2009
Hungarian language files v3.0 Alpha 5Languages9 Oct 2009
better osc3 default template 1.0 v3.0 Alpha 5Credit Modules21 Sep 2009
osC3 Multilangism v3.0 Alpha 5Languages27 Aug 2009
Templates Module Layout (Box, Content) listing fix v3.0 Alpha 5Templates and Themes26 Aug 2009
osc3 template change fix v3.0 Alpha 5Templates and Themes25 Aug 2009
better ISO/UTF-8 email v3.0 Alpha 5Languages25 Aug 2009
admin countries flag icon bug fix v3.0 Alpha 5Credit Modules23 Aug 2009
osCommerce 3.0 alfa 5 full hungarianv3.0 Alpha 5Other20 Aug 2009
better default template 1.0 v2.2Credit Modules20 Aug 2009