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Alfonso Gonzalez

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Minimum purchase BS v2.3Payment Modules28 May 2017
Images of products in admin categories v2.3Images27 May 2017
Login and Return to same pagev2.2Features6 Nov 2016
PDF Customer Invoice v1.0v2.2Reports30 Oct 2016
Customer Checkout Blacklistv2.3Other21 Oct 2016
Delete customer account confirmation 2.0 v2.3Features21 Oct 2016
Database Adminv2.2Other14 Oct 2016
Best Seller with random images 2.3.4 v2.3InfoBoxes16 Jul 2016
Store Feedback v2.0 v2.3Features25 Apr 2016
Create Account & Manual Order Maker For OSC 2.3.1 V3.0v2.3Features16 Feb 2016
Separate Pricing Per Customerv2.2Features5 Oct 2015
Anti Robot Registration Validation v4.0 v2.3Features18 Sep 2015
Simple Analog Clock using HTML5 canvas and JavaScript v2.3Features15 Sep 2015
Combo Individual Product Shipping and Payment Methods v2.3Shipping Modules21 Aug 2015
Krika News v1.0v2.2Features31 Jul 2015
button back to top v2.2Other11 Nov 2014
Login Boxv2.3InfoBoxes11 Jun 2014
## POINTS AND REWARDS MODULE V1.00 ##v2.2Credit Modules1 May 2014
Admin Change Customer Passwordsv2.2Other25 Mar 2014
Discount Coupon Codesv2.2Order Total Modules22 Jan 2014
NIFv2.2Features18 Dec 2013
Codigo seguimiento Redyser v2.2Shipping Modules26 Aug 2013
RSS Feed 0.1v2.2Features25 Aug 2013
Box Shipping Status Correosv2.3InfoBoxes12 Aug 2013
Codigo seguimiento correos v2.2Shipping Modules9 Aug 2013
Free shipping per product 1.0v2.2Features25 Jul 2013
Codigo seguimiento [QUALYS]360 v2.2Shipping Modules18 Jun 2013
Codigo seguimiento SEUR v2.2Shipping Modules18 Jun 2013
CVV for cc.phpv2.2Payment Modules13 Jun 2013
Anti Robot Registration Validation 1.0 + imagesv2.2Features2 Nov 2012
Products thumbnail image display and popups checkout_confirmation v2.2Images6 Sep 2012
photo display product customer history v2.2Features6 Sep 2012
Products thumbnail image display and popups on the admin v2.2Images6 Sep 2012
Supertracker v3.1av2.2Reports27 Aug 2012
Store Mode (Open | Closed | Maintenance) v2.0 v2.2Features15 Aug 2012
Optional Related Products 1.0v2.2Features15 Aug 2012
Traducción al español oscommer v2.3.1v2.3Languages19 Jul 2012
Extra YouTube Videosv2.2Features4 Jun 2012
Paypal Itemized Descriptionv2.1Payment Modules1 Apr 2011
Custom HTTP Error Pagev2.2Other21 Mar 2011
Protection through htpasswd admin v2.2Other17 Mar 2011
Admin Notesv2.3Features16 Mar 2011
stats products ordersv2.2Reports20 Feb 2011
Script for automatic responses v2.2Shipping Modules27 Oct 2010
Counter products viewed v2.2Other14 Oct 2010
Purchase Without Accountv2.2Features30 Sep 2010
Unsold Carts Report 2.0v2.2Reports4 Sep 2010
birthdate combo selectv2.2Features19 Apr 2010
Display Specials Discount Percentage (french and english)v2.2InfoBoxes1 Mar 2010
Legal Notice - Aviso Legal v2.2Other16 Jan 2010
Product_availability_delivery_guaranty_v1.0v2.2Other26 Sep 2009
Factura PDF con numero factura + nif v2.2Other29 Apr 2009
Fecha de caducidad para los pedidosv2.2Other5 Apr 2009
Spainish Correos Paquete Azulv2.2Shipping Modules23 Jan 2009