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Scroll boxes v2.3InfoBoxes14 Oct 2016
utf-8 hungarian v2.3Languages23 Feb 2014
Shop by price v2.3InfoBoxes15 Dec 2013
freo template for osCommerce version v2.3Templates and Themes4 Dec 2013
free template for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Templates and Themes17 Sep 2012
Scroll best sellers box v2.3InfoBoxes12 Feb 2012
Banner box for all languages v2.3InfoBoxes24 Dec 2011
Skype_box bug fixes v2.3InfoBoxes22 Dec 2011
free template for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Templates and Themes28 Nov 2011
scroll best viewed for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3InfoBoxes21 Nov 2011
christmas template, for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Templates and Themes7 Nov 2011
unique meta for osCommerce 2.3 v2.3Other27 Oct 2011
images zoomer for oscommerce 2.3 v2.3Images19 Oct 2011
Google analytics v2.3Other5 Oct 2011
Yahoo messenger pingbox v2.3InfoBoxes26 Jun 2011
Skype box v2.3InfoBoxes7 Jun 2011
banner box v2.3InfoBoxes19 May 2011
The cost of payment methods v2.3Order Total Modules10 May 2011
Payment Type Chargev2.2Order Total Modules3 Mar 2011
Only the registered entry. v2.2Other12 Jun 2010
animboxcart by O.F.Y. v2.2InfoBoxes14 May 2010
payment option to purchase the maximum amount of v2.2Payment Modules23 Apr 2010
mouse over popup images v2.2Images8 Mar 2010
hungarian languages, animated buttons v2.2Languages4 Apr 2009