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R Anthony

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osC Affiliatev2.2Features30 Dec 2016
Register Globals Patch Filesv2.2Other4 May 2011
Multi-Stores multiple shop systemv2.2Features19 Nov 2010
Authorize Net AIM module (GPL) v2.2Payment Modules31 Aug 2010
CCGV(trad) v2.2Credit Modules4 Mar 2010
Custom Create Accountv2.2Features12 Nov 2009
Protx Direct v2.0 v2.2Credit Modules18 Apr 2009
HSBC e-Secure v3.0 v2.2Payment Modules9 Apr 2007
Flame Template for BTS v2.2Templates and Themes28 Nov 2006
Thumbnail PDF Catalogue v2.2Features17 Aug 2006
Black Buttons v2.2Templates and Themes12 Aug 2006
BACS Payment Module v2.2Payment Modules24 Feb 2006
Contact Us Spam Issue Fixesv2.2Other23 Oct 2005
Cobalt Template for BTS v2.2Templates and Themes21 Sep 2005
Different Borders For Info Boxesv2.2InfoBoxes1 Aug 2005
Add Store Details To Contact Usv2.2Features1 Aug 2005
Fixed Width Site with CSSv2.2Features1 Aug 2005