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order_editor_for2.3_v1.0v2.3Features10 Apr 2017
no right click or selectv2.2Other17 Oct 2011
All Manufacturers for 2.3 v2.3Features18 Jul 2011
Keyword Search Report v.1.7 for 2.3 v2.3Reports25 Jun 2011
Batch Printing without Frames or PDF v.2.3.1 v2.3Features23 Mar 2011
Product Bin Number for Warehouse Field 1.0v2.2Features21 Mar 2011
Mini images in the product listing on the admin page categories.php v2.3Features18 Mar 2011
Hide Unnotified Order notes v2.3Other18 Mar 2011
Welcome Email username & password v2.3Other18 Mar 2011