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Remove Unused Imagesv2.2Other29 Oct 2014
Complete Reviews Systemv2.2Features23 Aug 2014
Date of Birth PullDownv2.2Other27 Apr 2014
AutoBackup Database in Adminv2.2Other21 Jan 2013
Anti Robot Registration Validation 1.0 + imagesv2.2Features2 Nov 2012
Product Quick Editv2.2Features28 Jul 2012
Database Backup Manager v2.3Other12 Apr 2012
Database backup managerv2.2Other12 Apr 2012
Social Bookmarks -, digg, etcv2.2Features10 Apr 2012
Auto Backup Database (Updated) v2.3Features4 Apr 2012
Website Backup - Create zipped copy of all site files v2.3Features31 Mar 2012
Total Configurationv2.2Features9 Sep 2011
osC-CenterShop v2.1 for MS2v2.2Features23 Jul 2011
Extra Info to customer page in admin V1 v2.2Credit Modules3 May 2011
Pull Down Dates For Search V1 v2.2Features30 Apr 2011
FCKeditor for Product Descriptionsv2.2Features5 Aug 2010
Reciprocal Links-1.0v2.2Features1 Aug 2010
Sam's Remove & Prevent duplicate content with the canonical tag v2.2Other23 Mar 2010
Sam's Anti-hacker Account Mods v2.2Other7 Mar 2010
Add quantity box to product info pagev2.2Features2 Mar 2010
"Dynamenu" for osCommerce - Dynamic Fly-Out, Drop-Down, Tree Category Menuv2.2InfoBoxes27 Jan 2010
Category Product Foldout List In Admin v2.2Features15 Jan 2010
Product Description 1.3v2.2Credit Modules11 Jan 2010
Product Listing Enhancements, Thumbnails & Manufacturer Headings v2.2Features9 Jan 2010
ANTI Cross Site Scripting attacksv2.2Features18 Dec 2009
Simple Multi Image Add-on (Un-Limited) with FancyBox Popups v2.2Images14 Dec 2009
sid killerv2.2Features10 Dec 2009
Pure CSS Image Swap On Hover For osC Buttons v2.2Images22 Nov 2009
Simple Multiple Images (Unlimited) with PrettyPhoto Popups v2.2Images19 Nov 2009
Select Product Image Directory & Instant Update For Products v2.2Images29 Oct 2009
Set number product or new products displayed - limit age of new product shown v2.2Features18 Oct 2009
Backup of all store files in zip format / Backup em formato zip de todos os arquivos de sua lojav2.2Features10 Oct 2009
NewsDeskv2.2Features10 Sep 2009
Fancy Pics - Fancy Image Popups v2.2Images4 Sep 2009
Products Short Descriptionv2.2Other20 Jul 2009
SoldOut (but displayed) - v0.1v2.2Features23 Apr 2009
Display matching categories in search results v2.2Credit Modules28 Aug 2008
Product Thumbnail Listing v2.2Features6 Aug 2008
UK-Based osCommerce 2.2v2.2Other5 Aug 2008
Graphical Bordersv2.2InfoBoxes6 Jul 2008
Disable Random Keystroke Namesv2.2Other5 Jul 2008
Matching Product Categories Infobox v2.2InfoBoxes15 Jun 2008
Hide Categories & Products V1 v2.2Credit Modules17 May 2008
Display Selected Decimal Places v2.2Features25 Apr 2008
Pull down UK county list v2.2Features21 Apr 2008
Additional Customer warning messages v2.2InfoBoxes22 Mar 2008
Send Admin HTML e-mails v2.2Features19 Mar 2008
WYSIWYG SPAW EDITORv2.2Features17 Mar 2008
Improved Image pop ups v2.2Images6 Mar 2008
Links in Infobox header text v2.2InfoBoxes4 Mar 2008
Contact Us Additional Info v2.2Other15 Feb 2008