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Michael Wautier

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Product Attributes - Option Type Featurev2.2Features9 Sep 2016
Isotope Masonry for osCommerce v2.3Other30 Jul 2014
Social Login with Facebook / Google OAuth 2.0v2.3Features5 Sep 2012
Combined login and create account pagev2.2Other25 Aug 2012
Facebook Like Button on products listing and new products v2.2Features24 May 2012
jQuery UI Button in oscommerce v2.2Other26 Apr 2011
Specials Products Carouselv2.2InfoBoxes13 Jan 2011
Star Product v1.0v2.2Features12 Jan 2011
Jquery Accordion - Funny conditions design page v2.2Other19 Jun 2010
Currencies box with jquery v2.2InfoBoxes13 Apr 2010
language box with jquery v2.2Languages13 Apr 2010
Featured Productsv2.2InfoBoxes22 Mar 2010
Product Listing in Columnsv2.2Features17 Dec 2009
Cool Flash Carousel Menuv2.2Features12 Apr 2009
Image tooltipv2.2Images27 Dec 2008
Thumbnail Category Browsev2.2Features15 Sep 2008
3 Imagesv2.2Features10 Sep 2008
Star Product Tooltip Infobox v2.2InfoBoxes6 Sep 2008
tooltip_osc_featured v2.2Images5 Sep 2008
Category rollover buttonsv2.2Features31 Dec 2007
Category rollover buttons Multi-languages v2.2Languages31 Dec 2007