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Article Manager v1.0v2.2Features11 Jul 2016
Latest News for 2.3x v2.3Features3 Jun 2015
PIM-oscSlideshow 1.0v2.3Features17 May 2015
'On the Fly' Auto Thumbnailer using GD Libraryv2.2Images10 Feb 2015
Products Purchased with Date Rangev2.2Reports2 Feb 2015
Better SEO Images V1.0 v2.2Images14 May 2014
Date of Birth PullDownv2.2Other27 Apr 2014
Alphabetic Searchv2.3Other8 Nov 2013
RSS Feed 0.1v2.2Features25 Aug 2013
Categories Accordion Boxv2.3InfoBoxes13 Jun 2013
Tab Menu Section (TMS)v2.3Features6 Apr 2013
Must agree to terms and conditions on checkout(MATC for osC2.3x) v2.3Features5 Jul 2012
Google Plusv2.3Other13 Jan 2012
Show products and subcategories count next to each category on admin Categories / Products listingv2.3Features11 Dec 2011
SSLPOM - Peice of Mind for Customers. v2.3InfoBoxes10 Dec 2011
Pseudo Cron - Cron Simulator v2.3Features20 Nov 2011
Pseudo Cron - Cron Simulator v2.2Features20 Nov 2011
Pretty PHP links - A simple mod for Ultimate SEO URLs 5 Pro by FWR Media v2.3Features28 Oct 2011
Admin Main Page Statisticsv2.2Features8 Jul 2011
PDF File Upload and Displayv2.2Features8 Feb 2011
Group Simular Products v2.2Credit Modules2 Feb 2011
Simple Winter Snowflake Mod with simple admin v2.2Templates and Themes23 Nov 2010
Poll Boothv2.2Features1 Nov 2010
Auto Rename Product Names in Proper Case v2.2Features31 Oct 2010
Product Cost/Margins Mod 1.0v2.2Other30 Oct 2010
Shop by price infoboxv2.2InfoBoxes2 Sep 2010
ANTI Cross Site Scripting attacksv2.2Features18 Dec 2009
Show Model Number v 1.00v2.2Features24 Apr 2009
Shipping Surchargev2.2Shipping Modules24 Mar 2009
Customer Create Account (CCA) Email Confirmation Mod (inc manual order maker instructions) v2.2Features15 Sep 2008
Technical Information - Show and Hide V1.00 v2.2Features24 Jul 2008
Newproduct Taxclass Dropdownbox Hack v2.2Credit Modules14 Feb 2008