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Geoffrey Walton

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Hide Categories with category cachev2.3Features2 Apr 2015
Join Us On Facebook & Twitter Infoboxv2.3InfoBoxes20 Dec 2014
Database Check Tool 1.4 v2.3Other19 Nov 2014
Hierarchical Categories on Manufacturer Pagev2.2Features24 Oct 2014
Contribution Trackerv2.2Other24 Jul 2014
Clear Down Data Base v2.3Other18 Jun 2014
Clear Down Data Base v2.2Other18 Jun 2014
FedEx - Web Services v9v2.2Shipping Modules14 Apr 2014
Secure your site with an IP trap v2.2Other5 Jan 2014
Easy Populate & Products Attributesv2.2Features5 Nov 2013
Get Qty/Price XML Feedv2.2Other20 May 2013
Skip Shipping Page v2.3Features14 May 2013
Skip Payments Page v2.3Features1 Apr 2013
PayPal Hack Detector v2.3Payment Modules25 Mar 2013
Virus Scanner 2.0 v2.3Other18 Mar 2013
Product Sort / Order v2.3Features27 Sep 2012
osCommerce VTS v2.2Features8 Sep 2012
Ship Rates for UK Postcodesv2.2Shipping Modules24 May 2012
Custom sort order field for products in admin/categories.phpv2.2Features15 Jan 2012
Database Check Toolv2.2Features28 Sep 2011
orders_trackingv2.2Reports25 Feb 2011
PDF File Upload and Displayv2.2Features8 Feb 2011
SEO Assistantv2.2Features5 May 2010
Check Permissions 1.0 v2.2Other5 May 2010
Google base feedsv2.2Other5 Apr 2010
Get Qty/Price Feed from Supplierv2.2Other3 Apr 2010
new_field_everywherev2.2Other28 Mar 2010
Multiple Product Images With Slide Showv2.2Images21 Mar 2010
Maintenancev2.2Other9 Jun 2009
Admin: Model No on Category / Product Administration Screen v2.2Features1 Jun 2009
UPS Choicev2.2Shipping Modules17 May 2009
More_Pics_6 for 2.2 ms2v2.2Images10 May 2009
Title Hitmeister / Hitflip Data Feed v2.2Features26 Feb 2009
Import CSV to PHPmyadminv2.2Features24 Dec 2007