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Olof Larsson
Olof Larsson

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customer Must Accept Terms and Conditions (MATC) v2.2Features28 Jun 2011
Products Cycle Slideshow (Nice visual demonstration of products at your startup page) v2.2Features25 May 2011
QTpro v1.0 - Quantity Tracking Professionalv2.2Features7 Dec 2010
U HTML Emails v2.2Features4 Jun 2010
All Products v3.0 MS 2.2 with Imagesv2.2Features30 Jun 2009
Standard Order Comments v2.2Features14 Aug 2008
Swedish language for MS2.2 rc2 v2.2Languages18 Mar 2008
Force Customer Country (Force CC) v2.2Features18 Feb 2008
Textimage generator v2.2Other9 Dec 2007
AutoSort Productsv2.2Credit Modules13 Sep 2007