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Clear Cart Button In Shopping Cartv2.2Features10 Feb 2017
osC Affiliatev2.2Features30 Dec 2016
Login and Return to same pagev2.2Features6 Nov 2016
Ultimate SEO URLsv2.2Other1 Oct 2016
Product Attributes - Option Type Featurev2.2Features9 Sep 2016
Article Manager v1.0v2.2Features11 Jul 2016
Order IP Recorder v1.0v2.2Other7 Aug 2015
Activation Codev2.2Other8 Dec 2014
Date of Birth PullDownv2.2Other27 Apr 2014
RSS Feed 0.1v2.2Features25 Aug 2013
Country-State Selectorv2.2Features13 Jun 2013
CSRF Token - Admin Side v2.3Other25 Jul 2012
Product Attributes Sort Order v1.0v2.2Features4 Jul 2012
SEO-Gv2.2Features21 Jun 2012
Information Pages Unlimited v1.0v2.2InfoBoxes17 May 2012
Social Bookmarks -, digg, etcv2.2Features10 Apr 2012
Google Checkout module for osCommercev2.2Payment Modules13 Mar 2012
Dynamic SiteMap V 1.0v2.2Features22 Sep 2011
Ajax Buy Nowv2.2Features11 May 2011
Products Tabsv2.2Features25 Dec 2010
Poll Boothv2.2Features1 Nov 2010
Search Tag Cloudv2.1InfoBoxes25 Oct 2010
Product Attribute Picturesv2.2Images4 Oct 2010
Purchase Without Accountv2.2Features30 Sep 2010
Advanced Search - Attributesv2.2Features24 Sep 2010
AJAX Single Page Checkout v2.2Other3 Sep 2010
Ajax Search Suggest v2.2Other30 Jun 2010
Web 2.0 Scrolling Best Sellersv2.2InfoBoxes15 Apr 2010
Banner Manager v1.4v2.2Other9 Jan 2010
UltraPics - MS2 Image Addon Pack!v2.2Images24 Dec 2009
sid killerv2.2Features10 Dec 2009
Customer Testimonials 3v2.2Features22 Nov 2009
Loginbox Bestv2.2InfoBoxes19 Jul 2009
Dynamic force attribute selectionv2.2Features1 Apr 2009
Product Tabsv2.2Features1 Apr 2009
Currencies/price bug fix v2.2Other12 Feb 2009
Product Attributes Clone toolv2.2Features4 Feb 2009
Google Checkout Level 1 Introduction v2.2Payment Modules2 Feb 2009
Ajax Spell Checker v2.2Other2 Feb 2009
ajax loginv2.2Credit Modules26 Dec 2008
Simple Search Boxv2.2InfoBoxes19 Oct 2008
Advanced Search on Product List Page with Attirbutesv2.2Features18 Aug 2008
Remove Address Book For Fraud Protectionv2.2Features27 May 2008
Exchange Rates v0.2 v2.2InfoBoxes23 Mar 2008
MS2 HTML WYSIWYG Editor, Product Desc, Email +v2.2Features23 Feb 2008
flash timelinev2.2Other8 Feb 2008
Featured Products Flash Timeline Version 0.1v2.2Features8 Feb 2008
SEO-Gv2.2Features8 Nov 2007