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FAQDesk for v2.3v2.3Features8 Dec 2016
Google Base / Froogle Data Feeder v1.00v2.2Other9 May 2016
Lexware Schnittstelle v2.2Other17 Feb 2016
Anzeige Lieferanschriften/show delivery address in admin-customer v2.2Other27 Nov 2014
Lieferzeitraum, Zahlungs- und Versandinformationen, sowie Widerrufsformular (neue EU-Richtlinie 06.2014) delivery period, payment - and shipping informatiom, withdrawal (new EU-directive 06.2014) v2.3Other28 Jul 2014
Contribution Trackerv2.2Other24 Jul 2014
categories and products on one page (cap) v2.3Other17 Apr 2014
Terminverwaltung/calendar management v2.2Features17 Apr 2014
Archivierung von Bestellungen/archive for orders v2.3Other10 Sep 2013
Fehlertolerante Suchev2.1Features21 Jul 2013
Recover Cart Salesv2.2Features29 Apr 2013
product_listing as list or grid v2.3Other12 Mar 2013
Cleared Checkout Layout v2.3Other18 Oct 2012
Fast Easy Cross-Sellv2.2Features15 May 2012
add field to shopping cart v2.3Other4 Jan 2012
Ask a Product Questionv2.2Other7 Sep 2011
Language Box in Headerv2.2Languages29 Aug 2011
Box newsletterv2.2InfoBoxes12 May 2011
Selbstdefinierte Maillisten - self-defined mailing list v2.2Other30 Mar 2011
Basispreisangabe (Simple Edition - DE)v2.2Features6 Dec 2010
Subcategory textboxesv2.2Features15 Jul 2010
Register A-Z im admin-customer v2.2Other3 Sep 2009
orders status-email depending on customers language v2.2Languages20 May 2009
Show data file in product_info/Anzeige Datei in product_info v2.2Features18 Apr 2008