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Jim Keebaugh

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PDF Datasheet v2.3Other1 Jan 2017
Xsell Module for Modular Shopping Cart (Responsive) v2.3Content Modules31 Dec 2016
Banner Rotator Content Module (Bootstrap) v2.3Content Modules27 Dec 2016
Theme Switcher v2.3Templates and Themes30 Jul 2016
Featured Products Carousel Content Module v2.3Content Modules11 Jun 2016
Improved Reviews Module for Modular Product Page (Responsive) v2.3Content Modules16 Apr 2016
Options with Images Module for Modular Products Page (Bootstrap) v2.3Content Modules6 Apr 2016
Modular Product Page (Bootstrap) v2.3Content Modules5 Apr 2016
Featured Products Content Module (Bootstrap) v2.3Content Modules24 Mar 2016
Categories Images Content Module (Bootstrap) v2.3Content Modules23 Mar 2016
Categories Module for Modular Navigation Bar (Bootstrap) v2.3Content Modules23 Mar 2016
Contact Us Module for Modular Navigation Bar (Bootstrap) v2.3Content Modules23 Mar 2016
Generic Module for Modular Navigation Bar (Bootstrap) v2.3Content Modules22 Mar 2016
Modular Navigation Bar (Bootstrap) v2.3Content Modules22 Mar 2016
Modular Front Page v2.3Other22 Mar 2016
USPS Methods Rates V4 Intl Rates V2 - 01-27-13 Updatev2.2Shipping Modules19 Jan 2016
USPS Codes v2.3Shipping Modules6 Jan 2016
Superfish Categories Box v2.3InfoBoxes7 Jul 2015
MVS V1.0v2.2Shipping Modules21 Feb 2015
Get 1 Free v2.2Features2 Feb 2015
Shopping List v2.3Features12 Jul 2014
jQuery Banner Rotator v2.2Features15 Apr 2014
MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shippingv2.3Shipping Modules27 Mar 2014
Admin Change Customer Passwordsv2.2Other25 Mar 2014
Modular SEO Header Tags v2.3Other2 Nov 2013
Banner Box v2.3InfoBoxes2 Jul 2013
Categories Accordion Box v2.3InfoBoxes13 Jun 2013
Price In Cart Only/MAPP v2.3Features16 May 2013
Specials Image Overlay v2.3Images11 Dec 2012
Generic Box for 2.3.x v2.3InfoBoxes11 Mar 2012
Products Specifications v2.2Other22 Sep 2011
Products Specifications v2.3Other4 Sep 2011
Recently Viewed Products(sales optimized)v2.2Features23 Mar 2011
MVS Shipping Cost Estimatorv2.2Shipping Modules14 Oct 2010
Freightquote for MVS v2.2Shipping Modules14 Oct 2010
osC Catalogv2.2Features16 Aug 2010
BAXGlobal Shipping Modulev2.2Shipping Modules4 May 2010
Separate Billing and Shipping Address v2.2Features3 Apr 2010
Glossary v2.2Features12 Jan 2010
Closest Shipper v2.2Shipping Modules18 Dec 2009
Document Manager v2.2Other14 Nov 2009
Products Specifications v2.2Other12 Sep 2009
Categories Images Box v2.2Features26 Jun 2009
More_Pics_6 for 2.2 ms2v2.2Images10 May 2009
Request a Review v2.2Other12 Apr 2008