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Login and Return to same pagev2.2Features6 Nov 2016
PDF Customer Invoice v1.0v2.2Reports30 Oct 2016
Store Pickup Shipping Modulev2.2Shipping Modules22 Oct 2016
Ultimate SEO URLsv2.2Other1 Oct 2016
Admin Change Customer Passwordsv2.2Other25 Mar 2014
Fehlertolerante Suchev2.1Features21 Jul 2013
Recover Cart Salesv2.2Features29 Apr 2013
Swiss Post Shippingv2.2Shipping Modules3 Apr 2013
Information Pages Unlimited v1.0v2.2InfoBoxes17 May 2012
Order Editorv2.2Features11 Feb 2012
Manual Order Makerv2.2Other12 Oct 2011
MoneyBookers IPNv2.2Payment Modules26 Apr 2011
Master Products - MS2v2.2Features5 Jan 2011
Shop by price infoboxv2.2InfoBoxes2 Sep 2010
2gether discountv2.2Order Total Modules2 Mar 2010
Browse by Categoriesv2.2InfoBoxes20 Dec 2009
Admin Create Account 1.0v2.2Features17 Dec 2009
Customer Testimonials 3v2.2Features22 Nov 2009
osCommerce Google Analytics modulev2.2Features17 Nov 2009
Products Short Descriptionv2.2Other20 Jul 2009
Radio Button selection for product attributesv2.2Features17 Jul 2009
Customer List Improvedv2.2Reports11 Jul 2009
All In One FCK Editor WYSIWYG Editor v2.2Features15 Apr 2009
Local Delivery Optionv2.2Shipping Modules12 Apr 2009
Shop by brand v2.2InfoBoxes5 Jan 2009
Duzgun.Com - Other Products in This Category - module box v1.3v2.2InfoBoxes7 Dec 2008
Quantity Box to Product Info RC2a v2.2Features14 Aug 2008
Add Back buttons to the checkout processv2.2Payment Modules8 Aug 2008
Advanced Search Headerv2.2Features4 Aug 2008