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maurizio magnino

My Uploads ..

'On the Fly' Auto Thumbnailer using GD Libraryv2.2Images10 Feb 2015
Quickly Update Product Stockv2.2Features19 Sep 2014
Dynamic Meta Tagsv2.2Features18 Mar 2014
Easy Populate & Products Attributesv2.2Features5 Nov 2013
smtp through the authentication smtp serverv2.2Features10 Mar 2013
who is onlinev2.3Features31 May 2012
Credit Class & Gift Voucherv2.2Credit Modules31 Dec 2011
Report Missing and Unassignes Imagesv2.2Reports3 Mar 2011
Zone Word separated v2.2Zones24 May 2010
Italian Zonesv2.2Zones17 Dec 2009
PDF data_sheet maker 1.1v2.2Features9 Aug 2009
valid XHTML Catalog Side 2.3v2.2Other27 Oct 2006
Catalog Xhtml WAI-A NoTable only DIV-SPAN v2.2Other1 Sep 2006
Sanitize modified for general.php v2.2Features16 May 2006