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* Forum for OSC
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2


this is a very easy to install forum, just extract, setup mysql and you´re set.

I created this because I wasn´t to sure about the other forums and guestbooks for osc. so check it out

shoutouts to asn ( for the basis

see an online working version on




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OSC Forum Fixed 17 Oct 2006  

Complete new package - no need to install previous versions

Cleaned up code catalog side and got everything working.
No changes admin side since it appears to be working fine, although there is still some questionable code?

NOTE: I re-coded this for my own site which uses a different Table Structure and style-sheet than the normal OSC Style-sheet.
I tried to fix everything back to the standard OSC tables and style-sheet but I might have missed one or two.
You might have to make some minor cosmetic changes for it to look like the rest of your site.

Still a newbe at PHP, so can't offer any real help if this doesn't work for you ... sorry.

The Green Mamba

osC Forum v0.3.1 17 Feb 2006  
osC Forum v0.3 16 Feb 2006  
Forum for OSC 10 Feb 2006  
Forum for OSC v.02 lxfx 14 Feb 2003  
* Forum for OSC lxfx 12 Feb 2003