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Store Search with Image (BS)
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Store Search Bar with drop down menu and product picture.

Another twitter typeahead addon for autocomplete drop down search results when typing keywords in the quick search bar.

NB: Drag and drop installation, open "install.html" file for more details about installation procedure.

Original Author: Gergely (2015)
Contributor: milerwan (2016)


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Store Search with Image (BS) v1.5 milerwan 8 Nov 2016  

Add title translation in dropdown for selected pages (Thanks to Howmessages) -> 'conditions.php', 'shipping.php', 'privacy.php added.

Need manual entries to add more pages.

Full package

Store Search with Image (BS) v1.4 milerwan 8 Oct 2016  
Store Search with Image (BS) milerwan 23 Sep 2016