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Nivo Slider Content Module (Bootstrap)
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This module show a slides on the front page.

***** This Addon requires the Modular Front Page Bootstrap Addon to function. See:

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Nivo Slider Content Module (Bootstrap) TITO4 1 Feb 2017  

Added modules for using Nivo Slider in Header, Footer, Front Page and Index.
If you want to use it with the last two options, you need to install the correspondant addon
Modular Front Page:
Modular Index:

No credits at all for me. Everything done with the unvaluable help of f.figue (thanks, dude)

To be done: He also says that it would be great to make different styles for each module, and create a module for header_tags, since up to now .js and .css are called for each module installed.

Anyway, now is fully functional, while further development is awaiting.

Nivo Slider Content Module (Bootstrap) f.figue 26 Dec 2016  
Nivo Slider Content Module (Bootstrap) f.figue 20 Aug 2016  
Nivo Slider Content Module (Bootstrap) f.figue 1 Jun 2016