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Ship In Cart BS reloaded
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Ship In Cart BS reloaded v3.0

For: OsCommerce 2.3.4 Bootstrap, all versions

This Add-On is based on: Ship In Cart for OsC 2.3, Vers. 2.5

It shows availabel shipping methods, costs and order totals in the shopping cart.
For guests, shipping methods and costs show based on country, zone poastal code.
For logged in users based on selectable shipping address.

This version is updated to fit in Modular Shopping Cart BS:

It is separated now in 2 modules:
Estimated Shipping and Estimated Order Totals

Both modules can be easy added to the modularized Shopping Cart. Optional instructions are included to add it to older, unmodularized shopping carts.
The discount coupon support has been removed, a compatibel module will be offered by the author of the discount coupon Add-On.
Support for OSC 2.3.4 standard is discontinued

It can be also used with unmodularized shopping cart

PHP 7.0 tested

Update instructions for previous versions Ship In Cart 2.4.x-2.5 BS included

Very easy installation: upload 2 modules + 2 language files for each language, install modules, that's it.

English, Spanish and German language files included.

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Ship In Cart BS reloaded v.3.6 raiwa 6 Feb 2017  

OsC 2.3.4 Bootstrap Community Editions GOLD and EDGE at least up to 2016/11/10
PHP: 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0
Filenames, Database Table Names and paths hardcoded. Superglobal variables used.

Changes Vers. 3.6:
- Changed hardcoded text "please select" to language constant in state dropdown.

Changes Vers. 3.5:
- Added session register $cart_zone and $cart_zip_code for first timers to ensure shipping modules which are using ZIP codes load correct. Thanks to @spidometrs for the report

Changes Vers. 3.4r1:
- <br><br> removed in shipping module for correct align with order totals module. Thanks to @Lioelx for the report

Changes Vers. 3.4:
- fix for to show country, state, postcode and update block if no shipping options are available.
- fix for to show no shipping options available message.
Thanks to @spidometrs for the report

Full Package
Update Instructions included

Ship In Cart BS reloaded v.3.5 raiwa 22 Oct 2016  
Ship In Cart BS reloaded v.3.4r1 raiwa 20 Oct 2016  
Ship In Cart BS reloaded v.3.4 raiwa 19 Oct 2016  
Ship In Cart BS reloaded v.3.3 raiwa 2 Oct 2016  
Ship In Cart BS reloaded v.3.0r1 raiwa 20 Apr 2016  
Ship In Cart BS reloaded raiwa 19 Apr 2016