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Modular Product Page (Bootstrap)
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This addon is designed to make changes to the product pages of an osCommerce store easy and simple. It is particularly intended for new users of the software, but can be used by anybody.

Elements in the center section of the page can be added, removed, and reordered from the Admin panel. There is only one core file to change; the rest is done from your Admin.

This package contains all of the modules needed to replace the stock Product Info page.

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Modular Product Page 1.1 kymation 5 Apr 2016  

This update contains several improvements to the product_info class. The attributes and options now use a sort_order column if it exists, and all of the data is now in the output arrays.

I also fixed bugs in several modules. Thanks to every one who reported a bug.

Still a full package.

Modular Product Page 1.0.3 kymation 22 Mar 2016  
Modular Product Page 1.0.2 kymation 17 Mar 2016  
Modular Product Page 1.0.1 kymation 16 Mar 2016  
Modular Product Page (Bootstrap) kymation 16 Mar 2016