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Modular Navigation Bar (Bootstrap)
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This addon is designed to replace the navigation bar on a Responsive osCommerce store with a set of modules. The modules needed to replace the stock navigation bar are included, and additional modules are planned. The goal is to make it possible to change the navigation bar to suit any store without making changes to the core code.

There are no core code changes needed to install these modules. Upload the files according to the instructions in the included User's Manual, then make your changes in your store's Admin.

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Modular Navigation Bar v 1.0.2 kymation 22 Mar 2016  

Fixed bugs in the SQL.

Still a full package.

Modular Navigation Bar v 1.0.1 kymation 18 Feb 2016  
Modular Navigation Bar (Bootstrap) kymation 18 Feb 2016