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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.1

ShopSocially is a unified, enterprise grade SaaS platform which helps retailers to acquire new customers, improve conversion rates, and maximize customer retention. Launched in October 2010, ShopSocially is a privately held company based in Santa Clara, CA. It is a premium social platform of choice for 100s of top brands including ULTA, Beretta, Dressbarn, Avenue, Zazzle, etc., generating millions of dollars in attributable, incremental revenue.

ShopSocially enables you to get the most from your existing website traffic by acquiring up to 15% new customers through referral programs, improving conversions by up to 21% through solutions such as customer Q &A and visual commerce. These apps remove conversion barriers and increase social proof on the website. And lastly, increase repeat purchases by 26% through 360 degree Social loyalty solutions. All ShopSocially apps are omni- channel and work seamlessly across the desktop, mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, an intuitive analytics dashboard offers insights about social influencers, trending products etc. Facebook has recognized ShopSocially as one of the top platforms generating impactful revenue gains and has featured it in a case study.

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ShopSocially Referral and Loyalty Solutions For Your osCommerce Store shopsocially 2 Feb 2016  

ShopSocially is a unified, premium referral and loyalty platform of choice for 500 global brands including several osCommerce customers. ShopSocially has helped several ecommerce companies generate millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

ShopSocially’s referral and loyalty program bundles enable you to:

- acquire up to 15% new customers
- improving conversions by up to 21%
- increase repeat purchases by 26%

Loyalty Program

ShopSocially’s comprehensive loyalty program enables you to implement a modern-day loyalty program to reward users for not just for purchases but also for social sharing, writing reviews, becoming a subscriber and for other activities that constitute a 360 degree engagement on the website or on your mobile app.

When you subscribe to loyalty bundle, you only pay for loyalty program and get several other solutions for free that help you maximize user interaction, site traffic and conversions:

- Referral Program: Helps you acquire new customers through word-of-mouth referrals
- Social Login: Enables your customers to use their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Amazon or Yahoo account for signing in.
- Customer Q and A: Enables customers to constantly engage with your products by submitting queries, answering questions, commenting, vote etc.
- Visual Commerce: Pulls photos related to your hashtags from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
- Other Modules: Get-an-Email, Social Gamification, Product Stories

Referral Program

The referral program enables you to acquire customers through word-of-mouth referrals. You can encourage referrals on your website, via email newsletters and at the end of the purchase flow.

When you subscribe to referral bundle, you only pay for referral program and get several other solutions for free such as Social login, Customer Q&A, Visual Commerce and Get-an-Email.

Omni-Channel Capability

All ShopSocially programs are omni-channel and work seamlessly across the desktop, mobile phones and tablets.


ShopSocially’s osCommerce integration is quite easy and just a 3 step process:

-Install the osCommerce Module as per installation docs
-Go to and give your details
-Sign the agreement, choose your apps’ bundle, receive your partner id and get started with your free trial/chosen subscription

Key Platform Features

ShopSocially’s platform offers the following framework features with any program:

- A/B Testing: Compare campaigns and measure effectiveness
- Advance Scheduling: No more staying up till midnight to change that creative that’s only supposed to stay live for Mother’s Day
- Personalization: Customized offers/messages based on a host of targeting options including product category, time on site, new/existing customer etc.
- Customization: Complete control over look-and-feel, placement etc
- API Access: For building native experiences on your website.
- Incentive Management: Kickbacks on friend purchase, generic or single use coupons, sweepstakes and more
- Reporting and Analytics: Detailed reporting on every aspect including key metrics such as loyalty user activity, loyalty levels, incremental sales, conversion uplift, word-of-mouth referrals, fan and email subscriber growth, rich social profiles and more.


The pricing for the loyalty and referral bundles starts at $80 per month and increases based on your site traffic. A FREE trial is available. Get more details on Loyalty Suite Pricing and Referral Suite Pricing.

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