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Featured Products BS
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This Addon is based on DunWeb Designs Version so all credits to him.

Converted to Bootstrap to use with osC GOLD and EDGE versions only!
For normal 2.3.x osC version use DunWebs version (Link above)


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Featured Products BS v1.4 Tsimi 25 Feb 2017  

Change log:

- updated code for latest Edge compatibility.
- added version number to all files
- updated install manual for Edge

!ATTENTION! -> this addon is only for osC Bootstrap GOLD or EDGE version


Featured Products BS v1.3 Tsimi 26 Aug 2016  
Featured Products BS v1.2 Tsimi 12 Jul 2016  
Featured Products BS v1.1 Tsimi 1 Sep 2015  
Featured Products BS Tsimi 28 Aug 2015