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Show free shiping with other shipping options
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

I was looking for an addon to allow customers to a select free
shipping option when the shopping cart reaches a certain value.
i.e. when £50 or more is in the shopping cart.

The total orders module provides the free shipping option,
but the other shipping options were not displayed when this
criterion was reached.

I'm currently using 2.3.4BS Gold, but the addons available to
give me this option didn't provide a solution without a lot
of code changes.
This addon uses the table shipping method to address this issue.

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alternative method to hide a shipping option Mikepo 6 Mar 2016  

searching the forum I discovered that the easy way to hide a shipping option was to add the following code in the appropriate shipping.php file:

find this:
if (tep_not_null($this->icon)) $this->quotes['icon'] = tep_image($this->icon, $this->title);

add this after:
// limit shipping to minimum £20 order
$order_total = $cart->show_total();
if (($this->enabled == true) && ($order_total<20)) {
$this->enabled = false;
// end limit

Just change the value of 20 to suit your requirements

Show free shiping with other shipping options Mikepo 11 Aug 2015