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UPSXML version 1.5 for osCommerce 2.3.x
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This is a general update of the UPSXML shipping module to work better with osCommerce 2.3 and later and 2.3.4 in particular. Changes include:

All admin side utilities have been brought up to osCommerce 2.3.4 standards and use the new style buttons.

All files have had all PHP errors and warnings fixed under PHP 5.3.3.

The original two xml class files have been combined into one file containing the PHP version check that used to be done in the shipping module.

For those that stored the boxes used the packing class now produces a much more readable report, required by the corresponding updated admin utility. Please note that the table name has changed as has defined names for the table.

All install instructions have been updated to fit osCommerce 2.3.4.

If updating from an older version of UPSXML please make note of your module settings and remove the old module before replacing the PHP files with the new versions included with this version and reinstalling the module. All PHP files have been updated so they should all be replaced.

Complete install attached.

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UPSXML 1.6.1 wdepot 15 Apr 2017  

1) This module has been completely updated to use the new shoptimeintransit method introduced by UPS in January 2017. This allows both rate information and time in transit to be retrieved with a single call to the UPS API rather than the two call system required by previous versions of the module when displaying time in transit.
2) Because of the preceding change the module will now include quotes for Saturday Delivery services where available unless you have specifically disabled the services to which Saturday Delivery can be added.
3) The complete delivery address is now sent with the request for rates in order to provide the most accurate rate quotes possible. Providing the complete address will in most cases allow UPS to automatically determine if the address is residential or commercial and therefore return the correct type of quote. For those cases where the type of address can't be automatically determined the quote will be based on the residential/commercial setting of the module.
4) The module is now capable of returning quotes for UPS SurePost which will add an extra call to the UPS API when SurePost is an option. To use SurePost your UPS account MUST first be enabled to use UPS SurePost by your UPS account manager.
5) The XML class files have been stripped of all code intended for PHP versions prior to 5. Since any server used by ecommerce can be expected to be using PHP version 5 or later the older code was deemed unnecessary.
6) The packaging class was updated with a bit of code meant for better handling of non-ready-to-ship products that will not fit in any defined package to help account for the fact that the product will most likely be packed in a box of some kind or it would have been marked ready-to-ship.
7) The Shipping Boxes Used utility was updated with a button that allows you to delete all records older that the entered date (a date one month in the past is automatically entered but this can be changed). An error in </form> tag locations was corrected to allow the changing of pages using the drop down menu to work properly.

To upgrade from a previous version you must first remove the old module in admin before replacing the files and reinstalling. Exact instructions for upgrading are included in the install instructions file.

Note: While the shipping module itself can be used with osCommerce 2.2, the admin utilities require version 2.3.x to work properly.

Complete contribution is attached.

UPSXML version 1.51 for osCommerce 2.3.x wdepot 11 Jul 2015  
Fix for UPSXML Customer Classification Code alancwade 4 Jul 2015  
UPSXML version 1.5 for osCommerce 2.3.x wdepot 29 May 2015