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jQuery/Ajax Advanced Statistics for osCommerce 2.3
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Having used a modified version of the Monthly Sales & Tax Report Add-On for a couple of years I figured that it was time to make a more modern sales reporting Add-On.

Unlike Monthly Sales & Tax Report which calculate sales out of every product in table orders_products this Add-On will query the database and calculate sales based on each orders_total class which greatly increases query time. Example: with a database of 30 000 example orders, this Add-On will finish in just 1.5 seconds.

This Add-On uses jQuery DataTables to create the Table.

Features for Revision 1

⚫ Sales/Tax Statistics/Report Generator for osC 2.3.x
⚫ Only tested on osC 2.3.4 but should work on any version
⚫ Simple five step Installation - Only three files needs to be modified!
⚫ Automatically creates HTML table and loads orders from server using AJAX.
⚫ Export Options: CSV, Copy/Paste, XLS, PDF
⚫ "Automatic" Print View
⚫ amCharts Graphs over sales & taxes
⚫ Very Fast Operation, a shop with 30 000 orders loads in under 2 seconds.
⚫ jQuery DataTables -
⚫ Drag & Drop Columns
⚫ Automatic Column Sorting
⚫ Toggle Column Visibility
⚫ Detailed day-to-day sales
⚫ Slide-In Menu with mmenu -
⚫ Fixed Bootstrap Top Navigation
⚫ Themes
⚀ jTable
⚁ Original
⚂ Bootstrap
⚃ jQuery UI
⚄ jQuery UI Smoothness
⚫ DataTables Internationalization - 63 Language Definitions Included
⚫ amCharts Internationalization - 29 Language Definitions Included
⚫ 100% MySQLi Prepared Statements
⚫ Bootstrap Tooltips
⚫ Toggleable Visibility of both your store header and Admin menu using CSS3 classes
⚫ OS style selection, shift/control/CMD click to select multiple rows

☞ Screenshots included in package! ☜

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Advanced Statistics Rev2 for osCommerce 2.3.4 shopperPS 11 Mar 2015  

New Features and changes in Revision 2

⚫ Fixed so it's possible to display more than one table at a time
⚫ Two levels of child tables - Months => Days => Hours
⚫ jQuery DateRange Picker
⚫ New Filter - Categories - Filter Statistics from selected categories (multiple selections possible)
⚫ New Filter - Products - Filter Statistics from selected product(s) (multiple selections possible)
⚫ New Filter - Customers - Filter Statistics from selected customer(s) (multiple selections possible)
⚫ New Filter - Custom Filter - Filter anything you want from any column in the 'orders' table ( E.g. Name, Company, City, Postcode, State, Country, Telephone, Payment Method, Currency.. )
⚫ Group by week
⚫ New Column - Display total # of products sold
⚫ Tabletools - Export to CSV/XLS Settings
⚫ AmCharts - Fixed charts with Pan/Zoom
⚫ AmCharts - Export to PNG/JPG/SVG
⚫ AmCharts - ChartCursor
⚫ AmCharts - Separate Axis for Products Sold
⚫ Settings - Your settings will now be saved with a Cookie and in the localStorage object aStat. So everytime you get back to the Advanced Statistics page your previosly selected filters and options will be selected.

jQuery/Ajax Advanced Statistics for osCommerce 2.3 shopperPS 17 Feb 2015