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PayPal App
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

The PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant bundles all official PayPal payment modules including Log In with PayPal into one App package.

The PayPal App includes the following modules:

* PayPal Express Checkout (including Payflow)
* PayPal Payments Pro (Direct Payment, including Payflow)
* PayPal Payments Pro (Hosted Solution)
* PayPal Payments Standard
* Log In with PayPal

This version of the PayPal App includes a replacement Order Administration page and the upcoming hooks feature from osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.5 to display the order information in a tabbed layout. A new PayPal tab is shown for orders paid through PayPal to allow store owners to directly capture partial or full authorizations and to also refund captured transactions.

The features in the PayPal App include:

* Updated modules
* Automatic configuration and retrieval of PayPal account API Credentials for existing and new PayPal accounts
* One-Click online updates
* API logging

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PayPal App v5.010 Harald Ponce de Leon 1 Mar 2017  

Add new general App parameter to test and use the default server configured SSL version when performing API requests to PayPals servers or force TLS v1.2 connections. (TLS v1.2 connections are required from June 30, 2017)

Use the customer address suburb value as the street2 parameter value for Payments Standard, Express Checkout, Direct Payment, and Hosted Solution.

Payments Standard: If "receiver_email" is not returned back to the store, fallback to "business" to verify the transaction with.

Payments Standard: Disable the module if the App API Credentials or module PDT configuration parameters have not been entered. Either is now required to be able to verify the transaction when the customer returns back to the store after payment is made.

Payments Standard: Strip extra slashes that were being logged.

Payments Standard: Remove deprecated NO_NOTE and PAGE_STYLE parameters. (deprecated Sept. 2016)

Express Checkout: Remove deprecated ALLOWNOTE and PAGESTYLE parameters. (deprecated Sept. 2016)

Update osCommerce links from http to https.

PayPal App v5.001 Harald Ponce de Leon 19 Feb 2017  
PayPal App v5.000 Harald Ponce de Leon 17 Feb 2017  
PayPal App v4.039 Harald Ponce de Leon 9 Dec 2014