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eComCharts Analytics Plugin
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

eComCharts Sales Map report will provide graphical interactive reports with high class visualization of your Sales using MAP and Drill down to from State to City level

check demo here

Display Interactive Map with State wise sales revenue and quantity
Click on State will show drill down chart of all cities within the state
Easy to use calendar to select period of reporting
Revenue and No. of orders
Also show information in tabular format at the bottom

*Note: Report based on Delivery Country/States/City.
*State/region code name should be An uppercase ISO-3166-2 or its English text equivalent (for example, “US-NJ” or “New Jersey”).

Installation Instructions:

For anu support email at:

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ecomchart analytics pluging ecomcharts 31 Aug 2014  

Updated package with fix for date issue

eComCharts_Analytics_Plugin_V2 ecomcharts 21 Aug 2014  
Sales Interactive Geo Map ecomcharts 20 Jul 2014  
eComCharts Analytics Plugin ecomcharts 13 Jul 2014