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Anti-downloading v 1.5
for osCommerce Online Merchant v3.0

Anti-downloading v 1.5

That this addition is able:
It is a script for prohibition of downloading of your site.
It forbids, locks bad bots,
because of which your site works slowly
With guarantee doesn't touch live visitors
Doesn't touch kind robots
Sends to mail reports on the forbidden addresses
It is set in 5 minutes, it will be tested by you very easily.

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Anti-downloading v 1.6 Fidot 28 Jan 2014  

The improved code protects your site from attacks and counteractions for downloading of files of your site.
The improved and more clear full installation instruction.

It is a full packet

Anti-downloading v 1.5 Fidot 23 Dec 2013  
Anti-downloading v 1.5 Fidot 23 Dec 2013