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EZ Personalization
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

Ezako boosts your sales by discovering your customers wishes and sparking more purchases, our clients witness up to 20% of orders generated from recommendations. Our module is a simple way to access our cutting-edge algorithms for personalization.

Quick to install, you will see benefits from the first day on, our algorithms are updated in real-time click after click!.

Register to start your 30-day free trial, then fixed monthly fee, no hidden charges, you can deregister at any time.

And because we value our customers, we offer you for free an analytics dashboard to get real insights about your customers.

For more information please visit

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Version 1.8 update ezako 14 May 2014  

Support for multiple categories per product.

Version 1.7 update ezako 8 Apr 2014  
Version 1.6 update ezako 12 Mar 2014  
Version 1.5 update ezako 11 Feb 2014  
Version 1.4 update ezako 28 Jan 2014  
Version 1.3 update ezako 25 Nov 2013  
EZ Personalization ezako 11 Nov 2013