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Shopgate - Mobile Commerce - Reach Your Customers Anywhere With Your Own Mobile Website and Native App!
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

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Get Mobile - Seriously!

Sign up for Shopgate, install the extension, design your mobile shop and:
- Launch your own mobile website for smartphones and tablets in your look & feel
- Be available on the App Store with your amazing new native app for iPhone, iPad and Android.
- Increase your mobile sales: Up to 900% increase in mobile conversion rates
- Get powerful mobile marketing features like barcode and QR scanner, push messages and integrated mobile coupons!
- Gain new customers: As Shopgate merchant your products are automatically listed in the Red Laser App by Ebay!

Merchants and Industry Experts Recommend Shopgate:
Shopgate has realised more than 4300 native apps and 5,200 mobile shopping websites in just two years. Our company is recommended by a number of leading industry experts and has won several important awards: Get ready for MobileCommerce and CouchCommerce!

Watch How Shopgate Skyrockets Your Mobile Business:
Check out these clips on YouTube to see how powerful your app made by Shopgate can be:

Shopgate Is Becoming Global:
Shopgate - Mobile Commerce is currently available in a full version in the United States of America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Netherlands. To learn more about our offer in your country, please visit or talk to our sales reps: Get ready for Mobile Commerce and Couch Commerce!

United States of America. Office in Palo Alto, California: or (650) 827-5582
European Sales Team, Offices in Butzbach, Berlin and Zurich: or +49-6033-7470-100
Find out more about the Shopgate products & services by visiting

Legal disclaimer:
This Plugin is the subject of copyright protection. It is only for the use of Shopgate GmbH customers, for the purpose of facilitating communication between the IT-System of the customer and the IT system of Shopgate GmbH via www. Any reproduction, dissemination, public propagation, processing or transfer to third parties is only permitted where we previously consented thereto in writing. The provisions of paragraph 69 d, sub-paragraphs 2, 3 and paragraph 69, sub-paragraph e of the German Copyright Act shall remain unaffected.

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Shopgate Plugin 2.9.35 Shopgate 6 Feb 2017  

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Shopgate Plugin 2.9.34 Shopgate 10 Jan 2017  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.33 Shopgate 6 Dec 2016  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.32 Shopgate 31 Oct 2016  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.31 Shopgate 11 Oct 2016  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.30 Shopgate 21 Sep 2016  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.29 Shopgate 14 Jul 2016  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.28 Shopgate 28 Jun 2016  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.27 Shopgate 16 Jun 2016  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.26 Shopgate 1 Jun 2016  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.25 Shopgate 4 May 2016  
2.9.23 Shopgate 29 Mar 2016  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.21 Shopgate 19 Jan 2016  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.20 Shopgate 8 Jan 2016  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.19 Shopgate 22 Dec 2015  
Shopgate Plugin 2.9.18 Shopgate 8 Dec 2015  
Shopgate - Mobile Commerce - Reach Your Customers Anywhere With Your Own Mobile Website and Native App! Shopgate 30 Sep 2013