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"Scrolling" Best Seller Box
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2

by Graham Wright / 6 Mar 2003

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Can hardly call this a very technical mod - had several of my clients that wanted all 10 of their best sellers listed.

However they did not like the size of the box as it grew rather large. This mod makes the best seller list box scroll and saves space.

This simply puts a marquee "wrapper" around the displayed text.
You can change the size of the box with (just change the height):

scrollAmount="1" style="width:118;height:65">'

To install this mod backup your catalog/includes/boxes/best_sellers.php and then replace it with this one.

Any probs - email me at

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Expand All / Collapse All Graham Wright 6 Mar 2003  

I forget to test the old one - heres the correct version which actually scrolls properly and now add support for only displaying the marquee to IE users.

Another feature pauses the scroll when mouse over.

"Scrolling" Best Seller Box Graham Wright 13 Jan 2003