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USPS Codes
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This USPS module uses the Class ID instead of the service name as a key. This means that the module will keep working when USPS changes the class names. No more frantic changes to fix the module every six months.

This is DEVELOPMENT software. It should only be used on a test/development site. Early versions will probably not even return quotes. This addon will be replaced when the module is realy for a live store.

The development forum thread is

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USPS Codes 0.9 kymation 6 Jan 2016  

Added International rates, improved the error reporting email, and fixed some bugs. See the support forum thread for full instructions.

USPS Codes 0.8 kymation 24 Mar 2015  
USPS Codes 0.7 kymation 24 Mar 2015  
USPS Codes 0.6 kymation 23 Mar 2015  
USPS Codes 0.5 kymation 4 Jan 2015  
USPS Codes 0.4 kymation 2 Jan 2015  
USPS Codes 0.3 kymation 15 Dec 2014  
USPS Codes 0.2 kymation 15 Dec 2014  
USPS Codes v 0.1 kymation 23 Oct 2013  
USPS Codes kymation 5 Aug 2013