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960gs Grid System Template
for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

What this addon does?

Visualise Grids!

Controll 960 Grid CSS System
Manage the grids
Display grid columns in background
Allow 24, 16 and 12 columns variations

You can select from 23 column layouts.

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960gs Grid System Template v1.2 De Dokta 28 Jul 2013  

Thanks to Gergely for this great contrib!
But sometimes you may need different widths for the left and the right columns. This is what this little modification of the contrib does.

Super Contrib von Gergely!
Aber manchmal benötigt man vielleicht unterschiedliche für die linke und die rechte Kolumne. Genau das ermöglicht diese Modifikation der Contrib.

960gs Grid System Template v1.1 Gergely 20 Jul 2013  
960gs Grid System Template Gergely 20 Jul 2013