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for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3

This addon provides a way to monitor and control what's going on in your
shop. If you are familiar with the Who's Online addon, then this can be
thought of as Who's Online on steroids. Most shop owners are not aware
of the number of search bots, crawlers and skimmers that visit their shops
on a daily basis. Some are useful but most are not. All they do is use the
accounts bandwidth and slow the server down. This program provides a way
to see and control them. Some of its functions are:

- View who's on the shop, including visitors and search bots.
- View a history of the IP's that have visited and how often.
- View the pages in the shop that have been visited and how many times each was visited.
- View the pages in the shop that have not been visited.
- Look up the DNS data for anyone on the shop.
- Ban by an IP, range of IP's or a domain name.
- Kick someone off the site and display a warning message.
- Send someone a message that is currently on your site.
- Trap IP's that do not follow the robots file directive.
- Ban IP's that change the url's to cause damage (hackers).
- Much more and growing.

If you would like it installed for you, it can be ordered from

The support thread is located at:

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Vuew Counter V 1.7 16 Apr 2017  

- Added an option to list known good IP's that is used on the shop side when banning is done.
- Added an option to autofill city, state and country fields on the create account and new address pages.
- Changed code on the shop side to enable the banning of IP's that have triggered the bad bot trap.
- Fixed some logic errors and made code improvements on the shop side.

This is a full package.

Support thread:

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